Testimonials from Pet Portrait Clients


Hi Jessica! I LOVED the drawing, you did a really wonderful job, and on behalf of me and my whole family, thank you for doing it. ^^ You see, we recently had to put Wren down, due to old age and sickness that she just couldn't combat any longer. She was a very vital and loved part of our family, and it has just been heart breaking these past few weeks living without her. We've been trying hard to get back on solid ground around the household, and especially for my mom, this portrait has just been lovely in helping us get there. She cried tears of joy when I showed it to her. ^^ And my dad, as a traditional-art-loving guy.. really applauds your skill! As do I.  Once again, a big thanks from the James family. 

I found Jessica Kale in a kitty community on Livejournal. She had posted some pictures of her work, and my immediate thought was "Wow! She does a really nice job." My second thought was "hmm my husbands birthday is coming up soon, wouldn't this make for an amazing gift?" I contacted Jess and we discussed having a portrait done of my husbands cat Scooby who passed away in February 2009, as well as having a portrait of one of our other cats done. She was very professional, friendly, understanding and accomidating. The photo I provided her with to use had Scooby's eyes closed, she was able to take his eyes from another picture and use them both in order to create the portrait. Throughout the process of the portrait being created Jessica took updated pictures of it to let me see the progress, this I really appreciated, and it just made me get more and more excited about getting the finished product. When I did get the finished portrait it looked ever better in person, and I just could not believe what an amazing job she did. She got his facial expressions perfect. I immediately had to give it to my husband even though his birthday was not for another four days. He was just as impressed, and really loved how she captured exactly what his eyes, nose and lips/mouth really looked like. I am having another portrait done of our other cat now because I know it will turn out just as spectacular as Scooby's did. I would definitly recommend Jessica Kale to do a portrait of your pet, she even puts up with picture spam of your beloved babies. ;)

To Whom it May Concern:
Jessica Kale is a fine, talented artist with many rare qualities, not the least of which is her ability to capture the essence of her subject. Her portrait of Lacey, my uncle's beloved late dog, is a true work of art. We surprised him with it when he was recovering from heart surgery and his spirits soared! I highly recommend Ms. Kale; her work is medicine for the soul.
Ron Glassman, Ph.D., M.P.H.

I have just picked up Jax's masterpieces.  Everyone at the shelter was so excited to see them and just loved them. I adore your workmanship.  There is nothing you need to do to make it more beautiful.
Thank you so much for having such talent.  We are so blessed to know you.

hugs and love
Kelly Lustig, Jerry Lustig and Jax


Dear Jessica,
Monica and I want to let you know how happy we are with the picture you made of Tanner and Simba.  You know how much those two wonderful animals mean to us, and we couldn’t wait to see the results.  Well….it was worth the wait.

The picture is on display in one of the most prominent spots in our house where everyone can see it as soon as they walk in…..and we are very proud of it….and you…. You captured the “essence” of them both…..Great Job!   
Regards, Lenny and Monica
Dear Jessica,
As you know I recently had to put my dog Jagger to sleep. It has been one of the biggest losses of my life. Last year when he was in good health, you did a scratch board of him that truly captured him in a way that my family and I want to remember him by. I have it framed and hanging in my foyer and it helps to look at when I am sad. As soon as I walk into my house I see it and think of him and I can't thank you enough for what great detail and beauty you created. You are truly gifted in your art, and I recommend all pet lovers to have one made. Our pets are not here for ever, but one of your renditions are.

God Bless, Kevin Alvine


Thank you for creating an image of Lucy for me to have.  Family and friends are astounded by the likeness to her photograph, which I placed next to the portrait you created. Your work demonstrates an ability far beyond your years...where emotions rise to the surface.  The detail and time you put into this piece is a tribute to your ability as an artist, as you captured from the picture what I loved so much:  her expression, her posture, and her markings.

Thank you!