Jessica & Kodi [RIP]
The passing of a loved one can break your heart, but the passing along of a loved one’s talent can mend your soul. My mother was an accomplished artist who passed away when I was a young girl. Her loss was tragic, but what helped me through the hard times was that even though she had passed away, she had passed her art talent on to me.

The motivation to expand my art skills at a young age came from the influence of my mother, even though she was not on earth physically motivating me. By advancing my skills in painting, drawing, and etching I felt a further connection to her. Art always held within it a spiritual value for me. The same spiritual aspect I apply to my artwork I receive from my love for animals. Animals have influenced my artwork from the first time I picked up a pencil. I find the creative use of animal subjects gives the subject of my artwork an essence of spiritual power.

When I am in my own space completely focused on my artwork, I feel rejuvenated and content with myself. Feeling this way helps me create pieces of artwork that are more than just pencil on paper, or painting on canvas, but an outlet to express myself in a way that I could never accomplish verbally.

On my journey I would like to develop my artwork by using all of the skills that I have and will learn to make my artwork a unique and powerful spiritual tonic for others and myself.

Why Animals?

Jasper & Evy
Two years ago I started a small business selling fine art pet portraits. 
I volunteer at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in NJ and wanted to help the shelter as much as I could. Due to a medical condition I can not do some of the tasks [dog walking, cleaning, etc.] needed. Instead I proposed to the shelter to let me put up a flier displaying my pet portrait business. In doing so I would give half the profits to the shelter. They agreed and from there my business, as well as my need to help animals bloomed.

I went to various other shelters in the Northern NJ area proposing the same idea I had given to Mt. Pleasant. Numerous shelters were benefiting from displaying my artwork as I received more commissions. I went a step further and have been in numerous pet expo shows as a vendor selling pet portraits and giving profits to the shelter that is holding the event. When I receive commissions online a portion of those profits are given to various animal rescues. I have also reached out further and have become very involved in wildlife conservation using my wildlife artwork. Even though I have not been able to physically help animals I have been able to use my own talent and my love for animals to help numerous animal charities over the years. 


- Associate's Degree in Fine Arts from County College of Morris
- Studying for Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in illustration at New Jersey City University
- Numerous independent art classes & workshops taken at Visual Art Center of NJ




Light, Space, & Time Open Art Exhibit: Special Recognition: "Stare Down"
Twelfth Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show and Sale: Honorable Mention in Mixed Media:  "Morning Light"
Guest Gallery: 2011 International Art Show: Realism: Award of Merit: "Peaceful Slumber"
Little Strokes GalleryAnimal ExhibitBest in Show: "Peaceful Slumber"
Light, Space, & Time Animal Art ExhibitSpecial Recognition: "Peaceful Slumber"
Infinity Art Gallery: Animal Art Exhibit- Finalist: "Peaceful Slumber" & "Solitary"
Guest Gallery 2010 International Art Show - Part 1: Realism: Honorable Mention: "Crystalline Pools"

Group & Solo Gallery Shows

2011 -

-Visual Art Center of NJ: Member Show
-Twelfth Annual Gaelen Juried Art Show and Sale: Accepted: "Peaceful Slumber" & "Morning Light"
-Pastel Society of New Jersey
Sixth Annual Member Exhibition
-Caldwell Merchant Association: Art on the Avenue
2010 -
-Artistic Endeavors: Solo Gallery Show: Artist's Love of Animals Come to Life at Art Show

Juried Online Exhibitions


2010 - 
-Canine Art Guild- Here Kitty, Kitty Exhibit
-LA Art Guide: Wildlife Art Showcase
-LA Art Guide: Pet Painting Showcase 
-Guest Gallery 2010 International Art Show - Part 1: Realism
-Canine Art Guild- Dog Gonn-It Art Exhibit

Publications & Other


-Feline Conservation Federation May/June 2011 Journal: Featured Article